Three FAQs Answered About Remedial Massage For Sciatica Pain

Nothing is fun about sciatica pain. At best, when mild, sciatica pain is a mild annoyance that reminds you of its presence throughout the day. However, at its worst, it is a painful condition that makes everyday tasks like walking and sitting very painful. Over-the-counter pain medications bring some relief from sciatica pain, but many sufferers look for non-medicated solutions to this painful problem. Remedial massage is one way to treat sciatica pain. As an overview for sufferers, here are three commonly asked questions asked and answered about remedial massage and sciatica pain.

How Does Remedial Massage Benefit Sciatica Pain?

There are three different ways remedial massage benefits sciatica pain. These are:

  1. Remedial massage only targets the damaged muscle area. The cause of sciatica pain is the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the feet in each leg. Therefore, an overall body massage is not the best treatment choice because it does not explicitly target the affected area.
  2. During a remedial massage, the tense muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve relax as they are manipulated and moved. As the muscles relax, the pressure surrounding the sciatic nerve lessens.
  3. Remedial massage also encourages the body to release endorphins. The nervous system releases endorphins, the body's natural happy chemical that help combat pain and stress.

Are There Any Negatives Of Treating Sciatica Pain With Remedial Massage?

The only way you will not receive a lessening of sciatica pain from remedial massage is if you receive a massage from an inexperienced practitioner. Always consult before your first massage to discuss the qualifications and experience level of any person performing this type of service. Remedial massage stimulates blood flow, loosens tight muscles and restores the hip, spine and leg bones to their correct position. You do not want an inexperienced practitioner manipulating these parts of your body.

How Often Should You Receive A Remedial Massage For Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain is a condition that comes and goes. Therefore, the most valuable time to have a remedial massage is as soon as possible after the pain strikes. The faster you get the first massage, the sooner you release the tight muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve. Your practitioner will provide a schedule of how often and how long massages are needed to treat the current flare-up.

If you regularly suffer from sciatica pain, talk to your massage provider about the benefits of a regular, all-over body massage, as this regime may prevent future sciatica events.

For more information on how remedial massage therapy can help you, contact a professional near you.