Remarkable Advantages Waxing Provides Your Skin When Compared To Shaving

Hair removal is by no means a new-age beauty treatment. From time immemorial, people have looked for ways to eliminate unwanted hair from their bodies with shaving being the leading hair removal technique. And with the changing times, one has multiple options available to them when deliberating on hair removal, from depilatory creams that work by disintegrating the protein in hair to laser hair removal that works to damage their hair follicle. However, when it comes to hair removal efficiency coupled with affordability, waxing has proven to be both efficient and economical. You could be wondering why you should go to a spa for waxing when you can shave the hair off right at home. The reality is that waxing is a far superior alternative and this can be attributed to the range of benefits that it offers. Below are just three remarkable advantages waxing provides your skin when compared to shaving.

Waxing smoothens your skin

The first major difference you will notice when you opt for waxing over shaving is the change in the texture of your skin. Whereas shaving only works to cut off the hair present, waxing eliminates dry skin cells along with the strands of hair. Thus, when the process is complete the texture of the skin feels smoother to the touch and will remain this way for several days as long as you moisture it daily. Furthermore, waxes that contain natural oils such as shea butter will help with hydrating your skin. This improvement in skin texture cannot be attained with laser hair removal nor depilatory creams. Shaving, conversely, can make your skin feel rougher due to irritation and this is explained further in the next point.

Waxing does not irritate the skin

The second reason why waxing will be better for your skin instead of shaving is the reduced risk of skin irritations. Shaving creams contain a myriad of ingredients. The more chemicals in the lotion, the higher the chances of an allergic reaction and you may not even be aware of what compound is irritating. Moreover, friction between the blade and your skin contributes further to the irritation. Depending on the severity of the allergic reaction, your skin may develop redness, itchiness or break out in a rash. The same applies to depilatory creams. Waxing, on the other hand, utilizes natural ingredients. In fact, you can expressly request the beauty technician at the spa to utilise natural wax such as beeswax, honey, sugar and so on.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, professional waxing benefits your skin by eliminating cuts and keeping it free of stubble, unlike shaving.