Backside Waxing for Men: What to Expect

To remove body hair or to let it grow naturally is very much up to the individual person, regardless of their gender. Hair waxing is far from being an exclusively female domain, and many waxing salons offer a full range of services to remove hair from the male body. But what about your backside? If you're a guy who is considering having his backside waxed, what can you expect from the experience?

During the Waxing Appointment

The waxing itself is rather straightforward, although it can be a strange sensation to have warm wax applied to a fairly intimate area. In terms of discomfort, anything you experience is going to be brief, occurring when the wax strips are pulled off (taking the hair with them) and quickly subsiding. You might just want the surface of your backside to be attended to, but you can also get a more thorough wax if you'd like. It's definitely a personal choice; you don't need to have anything waxed unless you're comfortable with it.

Right after the Waxing Appointment

Immediately after your waxing, your backside is going to feel different when it comes into contact with your underwear. This is normal, and the removal of hairs can result in a loss of friction. It could feel as though your underwear is riding up, and while you will get used to this, avoiding underwear made from synthetic fibres can help to combat the sensation and can be less likely to irritate your skin. Technically, briefs will feel as though they're staying in place against your backside more than boxers will, but the 'boxers or briefs' question is another matter of personal preference. And in the days immediately after your waxing appointment, you might feel more comfortable with looser underwear that doesn't rub up against your skin.

Aftercare and Avoiding Ingrown Hairs

In terms of aftercare for your freshly-waxed backside, one of the most important things to do is to prevent ingrown hairs, both because they're uncomfortable and they may not look appealing. Get yourself an exfoliating glove to use in the shower, which can remove dead skin and prevent those backside hairs from becoming ingrown as they slowly grow back. They're not only unsightly, but the inflammation can cause discomfort, so don't forget to exfoliate back there.

Some men might never even entertain the possibility of a waxed backside, but it's your body, so it's your choice. When the time comes to have wax applied back there for the very first time, it's helpful to know what to expect.