Say Goodbye To Wrinkles And Keep Your Skin Tight With No Surgery

While growing old is a natural part of life, the process of aging brings along with it some unfortunate blemishes and signs that most people would rather not experience, particularly wrinkles. A number of reasons cause wrinkles and a general loosening of the skin, but one reason particularly relates to the body slowing down its production and regeneration of collagen. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for the plump and springy nature of skin when you are young, and it is what many treatments aim to remedy the loss of as you get older. Here are a few ways you can stimulate the creation of collagen without going under the knife.


As with many health-related issues, the answer starts with what you put into your body. If you have an unusually unhealthy diet, then your skin can deteriorate quicker, specifically if you are eating a lot of trans-fat-laden foods like processed sugar, flour and fast foods. On the other hand, food rich in antioxidants have shown benefits for skin care by keeping damage done by the sun and air pollution to a minimum. Look specifically for foods rich in vitamin C and E like avocados, oranges, almonds and hazelnuts. Also important as part of a healthy diet and for healthy skin is to drink enough water every day. Although not definitively proven to help with skin care (there have been conflicting reports) water will help flush bad chemicals out of your body at the very least.

Salon Care

Many salons have full regiments and beauty treatments targeting skin through non-invasive methods. A new treatment technique that is a very popular way to tighten the face and neck is to use laser therapy to stimulate the cells beneath the skin to produce more collagen. A special machine is used to do this, and there is a little redness afterwards, but the procedure is done within an hour, and all the side effects are gone before the end of the day while the stimulated cells last for up to three months. Without going under the knife, this is the most effective and immediate way to get healthier looking skin, and you can get it all over your body, wherever your problem areas are. Simply choose the day and begin using laser tightening as part of your beauty treatment every couple of months. 

For more tips on face and neck tightening, contact your local salon today!